5 Ways a book can help in your business



Have you exhausted all your options in gaining that much needed edge to boost your business? Do you feel you are in business for years now but still moving at snail’s pace?

Well, Writing a Book can become your stairway to success.

First off, writing a book is not at all as hard you think it is. Now are you telling me you are an entrepreneur/expert in your field, or a professional with uncommon skill sets and you don’t have a story to share?

You live. You learn; and the fact is that each one of us has unique and inspiring stories and ideas to share. Letting the world know about it can do wonders to you and your business.

Thriving in this fast-paced technological world amidst cut throat competition and an ever changing consumer environment might sometimes seem insurmountable; unless you let the world know your worth, boost your credibility and stomp your authority to leap over your competitors. Yes, writing your own book can help you do that all at once. Here’s how it can get your business booming!

  1. Handover your book, not your business card: When you are meeting your biggest investor for the first time. What would you rather hand him over- a boring business card or a bestselling self-authored book?

It is common to handover your business card and break the ice. But if you want to take your business to the 10x level, you shatter stereotypes and introduce yourself through your book. This can be the icing on the cake that you would need to bag that deal.  Your clients and investors will not only be impressed but also develop confidence and faith in you.

When you want to show gratitude to your mentors/partners, why not send them a copy of your book. It acts both as a faith enhancer and a great marketing tool.

Well, what a way to say Hello!

  1. Grab attention across all media: It’s a small world. With technology leaping across timeframes, world is shrinking. It takes seconds for an issue to go viral across the globe or just minutes to score a million views on YouTube.

There has not been a better time in history for you to write a book.

Sharing a ground-breaking strategy through your book can go viral across business circles, feature on the magazines and get people to interview you. All the added attention can help market your brand and your business in the best ways possible.

Your unique idea can be the next big thing being discussed on radio. Your story can be the one that inspires the next big biopic! And you can be the guest sitting at the country’s most popular talk show.

  1. Boost in credibility brings a boom in sales: As a business expert yourself, who are you more willing to partner with – a Bestselling author who has penned down his purpose and the impact his products have made or a much lesser known businessman who promises big results but the background and track record you know nothing of?

When you write a book, this distinction is what sets you a league apart and inducts you into an elite class of top performers. Your credibility boosts tenfold. People begin to trust you easily and your worth multiplies in weight. When investors learn about where your competencies and expertise lie, they are more inclined to sign your next big deal.

“Trust is the currency of the new economy.”

The bigger concern of any business is building trust with its customers. That is possible when you invest in your “Reputation Capital”. A book of your own talks volumes about your experience, expertise, and the value you can add. What better way to invest in yourself and add feathers to your reputation?

  1. Authority in the Market, Edge over competitors: Writing a book can take you from a less-known businessman to a World-Renowned Expert in your field. Now let us imagine your competitor looking at your book on being the #1 Best Seller, what’s that going to do to yourself as a brand? Now let’s think about a million people reading about your bestselling book in the newspapers, you are sold before they even read your books isn’t it?

You instantly let people know who the boss is. The high level of ideas and insights about the industry you provide establishes you as a business leader and the person to go to.  The more the people read about you and your business, the more they spread the word about your expertise. You naturally elevate to gain a higher authority in the market.

Now more people know about you, what you sell and how good they are. People naturally hold you at a higher regard. You attract more attention and all for the good.

All this will give you an edge over your competitors naturally boosting your business. 

  1. Your book is your marketing tool: Your book greatly mentions your growth in the industry and the various products that have added value to the end user. This garners great visibility to your business and your brand. Eventually, more and more people are talking about your brand and its products. Now while your book is busy enhancing your credibility, sales start to see a tangential increase.

You will be able to sell your products much easily and effortlessly.

If you own a variety of businesses, you can talk about all the unique aspects of each product or service you offer and how it has added value to people.

A boxing coach for example, can share inspiring stories of how his clients have defeated all odds and won medals on international arenas and also their consistency in doing so. Thus letting people know what quality of service he has continuously been offering.

Above and beyond all, a book will mark your existence on this planet and leave a legacy for times to come. Disrupt mediocrity and make your presence felt.

It’s time to take a higher step, make some noise and get the heads turning. The career break that you are looking for is just a book away!

Author Bio: 

Abhishek’s heart and soul dwell in the outdoors and amidst nature. Literally a Business Management graduate but essentially an adventure enthusiast with a fascination for mysticism. His inspiration for writing comes from his love for reading. Abhishek is also a freelance Adventure Instructor and his passion for training people has brought him to contribute to this blog.