9 Key Lessons for Startups

Watch the video: Bill’s lifelong lessons on startups, narrated by Raam Anand.



This week, I received a communication from Peter Diamandis who sat down with his brilliant friend Bill Gross, the CEO and Founder of Idealab.

Bill is a startup guru… to say the least.

Over the last 25 years, within Idealab, Bill has come up with over 1,000 startup ideas and started 150 companies.

This video is about some of the key lessons Bill has learned about entrepreneurship, turning ideas into companies, investing, and helping them succeed.

Here are the lessons from Bill:

1. It’s easier when _____ are the ___________.

2. If you have an _____, _____ it.

3. Create a ________ that rewards killing ______.

4. _______ unlocks human potential.

5. _______ is the most important factor in startup success.

6. Startups don’t have to be in Silicon Valley.

7. ________ and ________ are the most important characteristics of a good CEO.

8. Trial periods are great to test ________.

9. ________ should be the reason you do a startup.

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