Meet Raam

Raam Anand is the founder of Super Achievers Academy, author and publisher.

He works with entrepreneurs, experts and professionals in the US, India and rest of the world, helping them overcome tricky obstacles and avoiding painful business failures so that they become “super-achievers” by massively increasing their business and influence in their industry.

Raam international speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the book “Desperate Marketers”, available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats.

Raam is also the publisher of the hit series "Here's How I Did It!", a business anthology, published by Stardom Publishing, owned by Raam. His entry into the publishing industry has helped experts, entrepreneurs and professionals to become published authors using his 'hybrid publishing' platform.

Raam was involved in systems programming to some of the leading banks and financial institutions in core areas like online banking, ATM interface, asset management, online transaction processing, inter-branch networking and so on.

Since 1992, Raam has served in leading positions like Technical Director of PSL, Managing Director of Tempus Data Services, CEO of infoYOGIS, besides being an active adviser to several leading financial institutions and marketing companies.

Raam stepped into Internet Marketing in the year 2001 and since then, he has published several highly successful software programs and products. His home study course - "Site Launch System" received a lot of praise and started a new market in the industry that many other people followed. His next training program "AgencyRiches" was responsible for helping many of this students to start and run their own profitable IM agencies.

Raam started his own Internet Marketing agency in 2006 called infoYOGIS. Under his leadership and vision, this company soon grew from a 1-man operation to a 100+ people organization in 3 years and went on to become the LARGEST Internet Marketing Agency in Asia.

Raam has more than a decade of experience in the IM industry and is one of the pioneers of online marketing. He has toured the world several times, visited more than 15 countries and speaks often at seminars and conferences all over the world. He also conducts workshops, bootcamps and mastermind sessions. As the CEO of infoYOGIS, he also provides consulting services for medium and large companies throughout the world.

Other than being a sought-after coach, thoughtful trainer and a well-known business leader who is ardently followed and admired by his students, Raam is also serving as the managing trustee of a non-profit institution, engaged in charity, education and research.


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