Your Identity Reflects In Everything You Do


Your identity reflects in everything you do. Your business, your behavior and yes, your income too. Your identity will ultimately become your business philosophy, your company culture, and your brand. Your personal brand. Let me ask you a few questions. Which would you rather do: • Worry about changes in the business environment that could…

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10 Point Checklist for Writing Content That Gets Read, Liked and Shared

Today, it’s the age of content marketing. A good piece of content can go a long way in spreading your message across the Internet. Social media is all the more prevalent and a share-worthy post can go viral in minutes, taking your message across. So, what makes a blog post likeable and shareable? Irrespective of…

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Sensory Marketing – Startegies Used by The World’s #1 Airline!


World’s #1 Airline Uses These Cool Marketing Strategies, So Can You! Learn how Singapore Airlines is using strategies to appeal to all the senses of the human mind, thereby increasing their brand recall and customer loyalty. In this interesting case study, I’m talking about how to appeal to the different senses in your marketing efforts…

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How To Achieve Goals Swiftly!

What are the 3 important factors that determine your goals and how quickly you can reach your goals. I figure out these 3 variables that help me reach my everyday goals faster and more efficiently. Watch the video and don’t forget to put in your comments or as questions below. If you like it, SHARE…

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10 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

These are 10 positive traits that highly successful entrepreneurs consistently exhibit. How many of these traits do YOU have? Remember, these traits can be learned and strengthened. Go ahead, watch the video and post your comments.       [iconsblock type=”icon_bulb”]RARE International Publicity Opportunity – A US based publishing house is seeking CO-AUTHORS for its…

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Are You Moving Forward, or Backward!?

We, humans are designed and built to keep moving forward. Walk, crawl or run forward. We were designed to stretch ourselves, dream big and go after to making our dreams come true. We are designed to create and fulfill our destinies. It’s a pity that sometimes, people forget this basic biological impulse that’s present in…

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2 New Google Tags To Gain Lots of Google Love – Instantly!

[two_third]Google is going gaga all over the Internet to promote G+ and here are 2 ways you can take advantage of Google’s frenzy to gain more value for your websites and content pieces. In fact, these strategies are much better than getting those famous ‘one-way’ back links. The first way is to add a special…

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