2 New Google Tags To Gain Lots of Google Love – Instantly!

[two_third]Google is going gaga all over the Internet to promote G+ and here are 2 ways you can take advantage of Google’s frenzy to gain more value for your websites and content pieces. In fact, these strategies are much better than getting those famous ‘one-way’ back links.

The first way is to add a special tag to all your content pieces. This is the ‘author’ tag and what it does is… promotes your post in Google’s search results page (SERPS) and the best part is, it placed a small picture right next to your website link. This is a cool way to differentiate and get a lot of attention. Even if your website is ranking on the 10th position, a picture displayed right next to your website link will get a lot more attention and credibility.

From the marketing point of view, it provides another major benefit because Google automatically places a “More by” link that collects other content pieces by the same author!

Linking your content piece to your G+ is super-easy. Just add the tag <a href=”profile_url?rel=author”>YOUR NAME</a> to the page where your content piece is located… and login to your Google+ account, click on “Edit profile” and add a link to the page in the “Contributor To” section of your profile. You are all set.

Now, the second way is even better. It will link your Google+ business page to your full website (and not just a piece of content). This is the new “rel=publisher” tag. The key difference is, instead of showing your picture next to the search results, your G+ page summary is displayed for your entire brand!

What’s happens is, Google will recognize your G+ profile and you will become eligible for Google Direct Connect. This also aggregates +1s from all over the website, including search results and Adwords. A great way to go viral.

Adding the “rel=publisher” tag is very much similar to adding the author-tag. All you need to do is add the tag into the HTML (code) of your website’s home page and verify the link by placing it inside your G+ profile page, under the ‘Website’ section, instead of ‘Contributor To’ section.

Though Google doesn’t officially say that it is important for brands to do this, it is evident that it places a lot more importance to content and brands that Google knows about and verified to be connected with G+ accounts. This means more benefits for you, in future.

So, folks… go ahead and add these two tags to your content pieces and websites to gain more Google love, boost credibility and popularity.

Author: Raam Anand