Your Identity Reflects In Everything You Do


Your identity reflects in everything you do. Your business, your behavior and yes, your income too. Your identity will ultimately become your business philosophy, your company culture, and your brand. Your personal brand.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Which would you rather do:

• Worry about changes in the business environment that could impact your business… or anticipate the future and use it to your advantage?

• Maintain your position in the market… or gain a competitive edge and learn how to become the #1 player in your industry?

• Waste time and money by focusing on the wrong areas of your business… or be clear on your priorities and build a tribe around your topic?

As an achiever, you are hungry for the strategies, tools and insights that have catapulted others to business success.

And, one of the best tools at your disposal is finding your IDENTITY.

The 3 building blocks of identity are:

1. Clarity
2. Courage
3. Character

Let me explain.

1. Clarity

The single most important thing you must have in your business is the clarity. It’s a popular belief that most businesses do not survive beyond five years. That’s because most of these businesses did not have clarity. Clarity in terms of business identity and personal identity.

So how do you find clarity?

Focus and vision are the two elements of clarity. With the right focus and proper vision for you (or your business) comes clarity. With these two elements in place, the cloud clears and you will be able to clearly see your destiny.

2. Courage

If you an expert, entrepreneur or a professional, you definitely a certain level of courage to be in your profession. It takes courage to make decisions in a timely fashion. And, courage itself is derived from two elements, confidence, and responsibility.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is how you manage your fears and how you establish control over them.

Confidence and responsibility build courage over time. Confidence increases with competence and vice versa. Responsibility is owning the result of your actions and decisions. Fortunately, both confidence and responsibility are teachable skills. The more you handle the easier it becomes.

3. Character

As John Wooden once said, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

Again the two building blocks of character are conviction and action. Both are extremely important to build your identity. Conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. Your conviction includes your values, commitments, and motivations. I like the definition I once hear Howard Hendricks give: “A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for!” Your convictions determine your conduct.

‘Action’ is the process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Without action, even the grandest of plans will not come to fruition. Action is what makes the needle move. Action also serves as a feedback mechanism to put that business plan you prepared into good use.

My friend Mel Abraham says in his book, “The difference between cooking an egg and powering a city is one degree.”

At 212 degrees Fahrenheit water transforms into steam and packs enough energy to push a train on tracks or power a city with lights.

That’s exactly what happens when you figure out your IDENTITY.

If you are currently struggling in an existing business or profession, you can use this tool to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth. If you are new to the game and hoping to get a business idea off the ground, use this tool to grow your skills and your idea through every phase, from germination to fruition.

The effectiveness of your marketing, mechanics and money strategies will be a direct result of developing your identity. This is the one piece of your business that cannot be delegated. It’s the one-degree of acceleration you need to fulfill your potential.

This one degree of transformation also represents the shift you need to make as a person, to go from being unseen to achieving super stardom. From finding your message to spreading it all over the world.

As master Shifu says in the movie, Kung Fu Panda 3, “If you only do what you CAN do you will never achieve mastery.” By getting clear about your identity, you will thrive, living and prospering at your full potential.

Finding your identity is the key to sustainable success and you must not settle for anything less.

There’s nothing wrong with being content with what you already have. The problem if what we settle for. Your potential is so much greater and is much more than a spreadsheet and a business plan.

Find your identity is that one-degree difference and the dramatic change it brings to your life and career. The significance of that one-degree difference is made clear when you consider that if a plane flying from Los Angeles to New York is off by one degree, it can end up in Jacksonville, Florida.

So do not underestimate the long-term impact of your actions and decisions today. Grasp the power you have to set yourself apart by realizing your true identity and live up to it.

Remember, you have the ability to influence and change the world. Start with your identity.